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Julie Jason's "The Discerning Investor"

First, an audio message from the author . . .

C l i c k   H e r e  T o   Re a d   C h a p t e r   1

Publisher: American Bar Association 2022


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E d i t o r i a l    R e v i e w . . .

“Jason’s presentation is intellectually rigorous—instead of self-help-style nostrums, she furnishes concrete, actionable advice substantiated with empirical data. Moreover, despite necessary excursions into technicality, this is a thoroughly readable book that will be entirely accessible to those with a limited understanding of investment strategy.

“Another of its virtues is that it never dispenses hyperbolic promises and unflinchingly confronts the reality of risk: ‘In my experience, the most satisfied investors are those who embrace the investor’s dilemma, understanding that risk (uncertainty) and reward (high returns) are forever and always intertwined.’

“Overall, this is an impressively informative book that attests to the author’s 30-plus years of experience in the financial industry.” - Kirkus Reviews

C L E   N o w    A v a i l a b l e . . .

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I n   T h e   N e w s . . .

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