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How We Differ From Other Firms

We are probably best understood by comparing firms people might leave to become Jackson, Grant clients.

  • Some are larger-than-life Wall Street institutions with multiple lines of business. We are a boutique "investment counsel" with a single line of business and a singular focus on the client.  
  • Some offer investment recommendations to transaction-oriented individual investment recommendations. We offer personal portfolio management. 
  • Some offer "best-of-breed managed accounts" sold through intermediaries. We offer clients a direct, face-to-face relationship with us as their personal portfolio managers.
  • Some sell past performance to people with a high risk appetite who want to outperform the market. We offer a more reasonable and sustainable long-term approach to meeting investment objectives.   
  • Some offer financial plans. We help coordinate clients' financial decisions with their legal, tax, accounting, and other experts and in the right circumstances, interact with children, grandchildren, heirs, foundations, charities, and serve as trustees. 
  • Some offer their services under a "point-of-sale" standard of care called "best interest." We work for you as your fiduciaries with the ongoing duty to serve your best interests.  
Retirement planning and family investment concept with wealthy tree growing on parent - children's hands