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Are We Right For You?

In order for Jackson, Grant's personal portfolio management services to be your optimal choice, you would need to be attracted by a desire to organize a goal-oriented portfolio designed to either build wealth or secure your future.

Our services are best suited for:

  • Anyone who wants to establish a long-term investment counsel relationship to navigate financial, legal, estate planning, tax, legacy, charitable, and other important issues to prepare for a secure and content future
  • Couples who want to establish a common theme to guide their financial future as their families grow and evolve
  • Individuals approaching retirement with substantial 401(k)s that will need to be used to generate retirement income
  • Retirees who want professional portfolio management to oversee their finances throughout retirement
  • Divorced or widowed individuals who need to restructure their financial lives
  • Unmarried couples, same-sex couples, and blended families with special money management needs
  • Families desiring to coordinate their investment program with risk management, tax, and estate planning
  • Trustees of inter vivos and testamentary trusts and other fiduciaries
  • Individuals who need the services of a trustee or to set up and run a family foundation
  • Business owners who are selling their businesses
  • Individuals in need of special care and attention as they age    
  • Companies that offer 401(k) plans to their employees